Croatia is a photogenic country, period. Images of its secret photogenic corners swarm the net as more and more visitors discover its beautiful sightings each year. Where to go for the most photogenic spots in Croatia? We’ve compiled a must-photo list of some of the most striking eye-candies in Croatia. For all the other eye candies, sail along as we will be visiting most of them during our Yacht Week Croatia route. 


First on the list is Dubrovnik, a.k.a. „Pearl of the Adriatic“, as people like to call it. No matter in which part of the city you find yourself, there is always a good angle to take an astounding photo. And no matter how many photos you’ve seen of this medieval wonder, nothing compares to seeing it in person.
In a town that feels like a living monument, it is hard to decide where the best photo spot hides; is it Fort Lovrijenac, Stradun, Komarda beach, Old port or just wondering through the streets of the old part of the town. We picked the one that puts it all together – Srđ Mountain. Whether you’ll be hiking or taking the cable car to reach the top is up to you, but the view down on the city will just blow you away.

The entire inner city of Dubrovnik is a monument


Another pearl on the Adriatic coast is Split; everywhere you go there is a photo-worthy moment. The main attraction of the city of Split is Diocletian’s Palace. Its imposing Roman ruins stand tall and strong. It is a combination of a luxury villa, summerhouse and military camp made by the roman emperor in the 4th century AD.

Photo recommendation: get crazy on Peristil or climb the bell tower of St. Domnius cathedral for the view.

Diocletian's Palace in Split
Diokletian’s Palace in Split


Opatija is the cradle of tourism in Croatia. In the centre of the city, there is a beautiful park Angiolina. It is basically an arboretum with plants, trees and flowers from all over the world. The one building in the park is the Villa Angiolina which hides a Museum of Tourism. It’s impossible to be unaffected by the majestic nature in this park and its accompanying architecture. Get romantic feelings strolling by the Music Pavillon, the Magnolia tree and listening to the sound of the ocean all the way.

Photo recommendation: In one corner of the park, there is a wall with portraits of famous people. All of them were either born in Opatija or visited it. You can see faces like Albert Einstein, Isadore Duncan, Zucchero, Robert De Niro and others. There is also one space that says “I was in Opatija too!” so that you can become a part of the story.

Opatija Argoretum
It can’t be bad to be in this company.


Zadar is a unique city in every single way. People, buildings, history, attractions. Zadar gives away a very welcoming vibe, probably due to the warm spirit of the locals. But, there is one thing that defines Zadar and that is the quote of Alfred Hitchcock from 1964. He said that Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world. And who are we to argue with him?

Photo recommendation: At the end of the main boardwalk there are two installations – Sun Salutation and Sea Organ. There you can enjoy the sunset with all your senses.

Monument to the Sun in Zadar
Monument to the Sun in Zadar. Exquisite light effects and an appreciation for nature.


Park Zrinjevac is the green heart of the capital city in Croatia. It is a part of the Lenuci’s horseshoe; a U-shaped constellation of seven parks and squares in Zagreb. Zrinjevac is considered the most beautiful amongst them. A park is a favorite place for locals and tourists to relax, hang out with friends, read,  and walk – a perfect green getaway.

Photo recommendation: You can find a few fountains in the park, but in the centre, there is the Music pavilion, which hosts concerts and various events whole year long.

Zrinjevac, equally beautiful in summer and winter.

National Park Krka

Krka National Park is one of the seven national parks in Croatia. It is named after Krka river and includes two-thirds of the river itself. Also, it is possible to swim in some places in Krka National Park, which creates an extraordinary experience of this natural phenomenon.

Photo recommendation: There are seven waterfalls but the top attraction is famous Skradinski Buk falls.

National Park Krka
National Park Krka – astounding power of nature!


With all the diversity of the Adriatic coast, beaches, coves, bays, and cliffs, a life without lighthouses is simply impossible. There is more than a hundred lighthouses in the Adriatic sea and eleven of them are available for rent. Imagine a vacation spent in a lighthouse?

Photo recommendation: If you have a chance, the best way to reach lighthouses is by a sailing boat.

A lighthouse in the Adriatic.
A lighthouse in the Adriatic.

Do you have any recommendations about the most photogenic spots/monuments in Croatia?

Feel free to share your knowledge in the comment section below.

Author: Manuela Žuhović