Jump on board your very own yacht for the most incredible week of your life!

Our yachts accommodate 6 to 12 guests in a mix of double cabins and single bunk-rooms, so you can join Sail Experience as a group and book a full yacht or if there are only 2 of you, you can book a cabin. Depending on your lifestyle we offer affordable Economy class or for those whose standards are a bit higher we offer First class or Catamarans.  

Smaller yachts with 2 and 3 cabins have one full bathroom and bigger yachts with 4 and 5 cabins have two full bathrooms on-board as well as a rear deck hot shower. All cabins accommodate 2 people, so if you book a cabin you will share your yacht with other Sail Experience guests on a mixed gender yacht.

Each yacht has fridges, a large kitchen, bathroom, a communal lounge in saloon so there’s plenty of space for everyone, above and below deck.

Economy class yacht

Affordable, comfortable and spacious yachts built till year 2012. Economy class offer all the sailing possibilities you would expect to ensure you and your crew relaxing and pleasure holiday

First class yacht

If you are looking for stylish and modern yachts thank First class yacht is for you. These yachts are newer, with AC, having typically been launched from 2013.


Experience how it is to be on a spacious and modern catamaran, with superior amenities and gorgeous living space. Launched from 2014 and with AC.