Our custom routes

Each destination is unique and has varying degrees of party, culture and exploration to suit any type of traveller

Party route

Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep
5 to 25 yachts
average crew age: 18-35
price from €350 per person

Imagine seven days sailing with your friends on a sailing yacht along Croatian coast. The Sail Experience provides a unique experience of sailing, partying and discovering the beauty of the Croatian coast. This is our original route and the most popular one. You will share life with like minded people from all over the globe spreaded around on different yachts. You can expect 5 to 25 yachts per week that will make an army of happy sailors.

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Ultra route

July 2019
20 to 40 yachts
average crew age: 18-30
price n/a

Experience Ultra route that offers the perfect mix of best from Ultra Music Festival and sailing around the most beautiful Croatian Islands. You will be a part of unforgettable experience while listening the worlds class DJs, state-of-the-art sound systems, light shows and still have you accommodation during Ultra Europe 2019 on your own yacht.  There are two Ultra routes that follows Ultra Music Festival in summer 2019. First one takes place in week 28 (Jul 6th-13th) and begins as Original Party Route finishing with UMF. The second one takes place in week 29 (Jul 13th – 20th) and begins with UMF and then continues to follow Ultra Europe venues on islands

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Gastro route

May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct
1 to 5 yachts
average crew age: 25-45
price from €550

Always dreamed about visiting small taverns on Croatian islands where you can enjoy time while having food experience with domestic freshly prepared fish and meat. You will have the option of wine tasting where leaded by professional sommelier. Our Gastro Route is designed for real hedonists who want to spend the week sailing and having food experience. You will also have options of having some bike ride, scuba diving, snorkeling or sky diving.
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Escape route

Apr | Oct
1 to 3 yachts
average crew age: 30-70
price from €550

Run away and feel the freedom of sailing far away from stress and crowds. Our Escape route is made for people who would like to spend week in a bit rough weather conditions, experience real pure sailing. You can expect colder temperatures and windy days so bring warm fleece and good jacket.


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