So you’re thinking about spending summer on the coast of Croatia? Wanna come party and sail with us?

We got ya. #ComeToTheDarkSide 🙂

As you probably already know, our job is to make your free spirit dreams come true. We are here to give you and your friends the best vacation ever. The one you’ll be telling your grand kids about. Rated R version of course. Start preparing ”When I was your age” stories.

To make the means-of-transport-and-my-home-for-a-week decision-making process easier for you, we’ve prepared some info on the two types of yachts we offer for your party sailing experience – monohulls and catamarans.


A monohull is the kind of a boat that has…wait for it…that’s right….one hull.

The Moorings Bareboat Sailboat

Monohull sailing boats use heavy keels to keep the boat upright. Cabins and the saloon are located below the deck. When the wind starts doing its magic the boat will tilt (called ‘’heel’’) at approx 15-25 degrees. #LivinLaVidaLoca

Now, you got two choices…

You can share a boat with other party goers, in that case you and your friend/s can rent a cabin (max 2 cabins = 4 people) or you can rent a whole boat for you and your friends (boat with 3-5 cabins). Because of its one hull, monohulls tend to be faster than catamarans.

If you are an adventurous type then monohull boat is the boat for you.


On the contrary, catamaran offers extra space and stability which a lot of people appreciate.

Image result for catamaran

Therefore, they are great for entertaining with their wide open spaces and easy flow from cockpit to saloon.

Since the saloon on the catamaran is higher, above the deck/deck level, there is more sunlight coming through, meaning your tan will glow even more and you will feel like a goddess you truly are. #Slay

The shallow draft also makes for much closer beach access and davits for convenient dingy access.

Take a peek at your typical catamaran. Look at how much space you got.  With at least 4 cabins, it can hold 8 people (4×2). These types of boats, see a 44.7 ft long catamaran here, are great if you wanna have some more room for drunken dancing at 3am.

Below you can see a diagram of a monohull and a multihull boat. Even though multihulls are more stable, monohulls allow more freedom when maneuvering.

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If you have any more questions be sure to msg us!

We’re waiting for you.

Here’s a vivid example of why a catamaran is an excellent choice for your crew!