If you’re wondering whether doing yacht week in Croatia is a type of vacation you should do with friends or lovers and/or both, you’re not alone. Many have silently posed that question. A vacation that places huge importance on meeting and making new friends, whilst discovering the Croatian coast sailing and exploring the islands’ party scenes is both a scenario made in hell and heaven for a budding couple in the making. Is it simply too many thrills and distractions or just enough, one thing is certain. After a yacht week in Croatia, you’ll know a lot more about how to proceed with your bae. This experience will eventually make you or break you.

Scenario nr. 1. Break up before the trip. 

Stranger things have happened.

People breaking up before their spring break vacations, just in case they’d wanna reach out for some novelty and exploration. And there’s no blame. If you are even considering breaking up with your darling before your yacht week trip, you probably should do yourselves both a favour and proceed ASAP. It doesn’t matter if you are a dumpee or a dumper, the mere idea that you should break up means you aren’t invested in the person in a way that will be sustainable for a long-term relationship. Whoever breaks up with you before their bling-bling vacation probably didn’t even care enough about you and you can thank them for not wasting your time a minute longer. Now you can also take some time and invest in yourself and maybe even get yourself another amazing trip that will sooth your temporarily broken heart. Wink-wink.

A couple enjoying Yacht Week in Croatia. Have they just met or they came together – we can only speculate!

Scenario nr. 2: Take your bae sailing with you.

This is for the ones who are in it for the long haul. Congratulations! Couples who sail together, stay together, so they say. One thing is certain, you two will be together on a boat with some other fun-loving souls from various corners of the world and you’ll be creating shared experiences among you two as well as your crew mates. This is a great way for open couples to meet new friends and help stabilise their relationship through discovering new experiences together. If you’re travelling as two – booking a cabin is the way to go.

What a good looking couple sailing together!

Scenario nr. 3: Meet your bae while you’re sailing

And for those who consider themselves single, don’t underestimate the romance factor that the Croatian coast oozes with. It will be really hard not to fall in love when you’re spending days by the sea, if not with the nature at least, then one particular human representative of it. If that happens, you can definitely say that you found love where everybody comes to find thrills and excitement. Congratulations! Your yacht week memories have a solid and tangible continuation.

There you have it. The dilemma whether you should bring your bae sailing with you or not is now debunked. You can make an intelligent decision now! And we’re setting sail on the 1st July. Be there or be square.