Spring is almost here! T-shirts, shorts, mini skirts and mini dresses are coming out of the closet, steadily replacing hats, coats, and sweaters. Before you realise, the summer is gonna come knocking at your door.

The thing that you know for certain is that you are going to spend the best week of 2018 in Croatia, right? The week of sailing, parties, exploring and of course – selfies, cameras, videos, photographs, and photographers. That only means that you need to bring your A-game when it comes to swimwear.

This is a perfect opportunity to wear something different and something iconic. This list of Yacht Week essential swimwear we’ll start with – bikinis!


We ladies know that accessorising is probably the most important element of a good outfit. But this may be the time to leave your jewellery at home. There is a perfect solution to look accessorised even if you don’t want to risk losing your earrings or breaking a necklace. Get yourself a tasselled swimsuit. It is hard to not look at this piece of swimwear. And the best part of it that there is no much preparation needed to convert this beach day outfit to a night outfit for a seaside party.


A sun-kissed skin is one of the main reasons you are sailing in Croatia, but you should be very careful to keep your skin protected. Drink a lot of water, stay in the shade and of course have a fashionable cover up. Be creative, you can have sheer pants, open weave tops, long sleeve wraps, lace boho chic dresses. Let your imagination go wild.


Back to basic. If you are not in the mood for crazy colours, just keep it simple. You can go with asymmetric cuts or low cut singles. The strong V-neckline shape is a trend going strong in the last few months. So it is not strange to see the same style in the swimwear. Wear it with attitude!


Now, the advice is for you to not bring accessories if you don’t want to risk losing them. But me being a girl, I found it necessary to find something that can replace fragile jewelry. Hats, sunglasses, big beach bags, flashing bracelets.. this is the time and place to let your fashionable dreams come true. There is no way you are not going to use all of them, especially with attending theme parties like our private bay Pirate party. And ladies, waterproof mascara is a must! 😉


Let’s not forget about our beloved beach boys. It is time to get your shorts and trunks little bit shorter this year. Before you say „no“ to this let me just remind you that I am talking shorts in James Bond style. Color, pattern, design – it is all up to you. Put your Bond charm and shorts on, and get ready for some martinis and pretty girls on the yachts around you.


P.S. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t forget that the best thing that you can wear is your healthy body and beautiful smile!

Till we meet again!