There are a few things that come to mind when you’re planning your sailing trip. How many friends are doing yacht week in Croatia with you; is your group big enough for booking a yacht? Or should you just pair up and go as two in a cabin? Here’s a rule of thumb; if you want to choose your crew mates, book a yacht. It makes sense to book a yacht if you’re a group of friends and you want to be together on a boat. When you’re booking cabins – you just don’t know who’ll your crew mates be. 

One thing is set: whomever you’re on a boat with, they’re your crew mates. There’s something special that binds crew mates together, and it’s not just being on one boat. You’ll be living together on a yacht for seven days and creating a shared experience that you can not opt out from. You’re all in it for the thrill, right? So better crew up with the thrillest of them all and slay the whole week through. Yay, only 3 months to go till we open the first yacht week for this summer!

Now about that hostess. When it comes to the dilemma whether you should get one on your yacht or not, here are five solid reasons to do so.

Reason number 1: the dishes!

Let’s not get carried away before we sort out some necessities. Is hiring a hostess obligatory? No. Is it a necessity? By all means yes! You will realize how much you need her when your yacht’s a mess from last night and all you wanna do is chill on the deck. And you should! It’s your holiday and no one should do the dishes on their holiday unless they’re really, really fine with that.

Reason number 2: The food!

You’re waking up on a yacht, yay good on you! You’re famished from the fun times last night and the salty wind just makes you hungrier. Naturally, all you wanna do is eat a horse but alas, the yacht kitchen is so small and messy, cause no one bothered to clean at 4 am when you got back to your yachts (surprise, surprise). This is where your hostess comes in handy. She woke up before you, cleaned up and prepared your entire crew a breakfast that’d make you rise from the sleepy and wanna do it all over again. And you should! It’s your holiday and you’re free to enjoy 7 days of Saturdays when you’re on board yacht week Croatia with SailingHR!

Reason number 3: The Stories

You’re sailing from one gorgeous island to the next and sure thing you wanna know where you’re going to and what your options are once you dock on land. Your hostess will fill you in with all you gotta know. She’ll be your ally in choosing the party scene and tell you stories about the locations we’ll be visiting. Remember that the hostess serves as a sort of a tour guide on board, so you will indeed be in-the-know!

Cooking on board: the kitchen is small!

Reason number 4: The navigational skills

It’s hella windy and while that’s great for sailing, the skipper needs a pair of hands to help him or her out with skippering. You’ll be relieved to know that the hostess has finished a Hostess Course and learned the basic skipper skills so that she can help out whenever needed. Phheeeew, you’re safe in the hands of a skipper and a hostess!

Reason number 5: The thrill!

A SailingHR hostess is a certified maritime hostess and you can be assured that she’s social, fun-loving and delivers good vibes as efficiently as Tinker Bell. She’ll help spark up the party, step in whenever there’s a need to organize a quick chill-on-the-deck session. She’ll mix up your drinks, bring you coffee and be there to talk to if your heart desires.

The bottom line is, hiring a hostess isn’t obligatory, no. If you can confirm that you’ll be able to sort out the food by yourselves, clean up and help the skipper with mooring and anchoring, you’ll be fine.  Otherwise, we advise you to hire one because a hostess is a great asset to have on board. A hostess simply makes everything nicer.


Save the time for doing fun things and let professionals deal with the dishes!